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The Longing In Me

Week Six - Longing for God Alone
Reminder: Watch this video the week of Jul 21 - Jul 27

Maybe you didn't experience it until you were in your late teens or early adult years; maybe it's been there as long as you can remember–that inner, empty ache and loneliness deep in your soul. Sheila refers to it as our "sacred ache", the longing that drives us to seek God, and God alone. This week, you'll find yourself focused exclusively on the Lord and His unique ability to meet that longing, and fill that "hole in your soul", as nothing and no one else can.

Scripture of the Week

God testified concerning him: 'I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.'
~ Acts 12:22 (NIV)

Discussion / Journaling Question

We sincerely believe this six-week online study will encourage you as you learn to direct your God-endowed longings to the one who longs for you. Let us encourage you, after watching each weeks' video teaching segment (and reading the corollary readings in the book and study guide if you've purchased those); to review the discussion/journaling questions we provide below. If you're doing this study "solo", let these prompt you in your prayer time, as you journal, or simply to ponder during your study time. If you are in a group setting for this study (face-to-face with others, or via social media or online tools); you may wish to discuss these with others in your "group".

Questions to ponder, journal, or discuss with others enjoying this study with you:

  1. Sheila shares a very personal story concerning the death of her father, and the closure she finally received to that story. Have you had incidents in your past that you still struggle with understanding, and need for the Lord to bring closure to your heart and soul on?
  2. How does the "sacred ache" that we are all born with, demonstrate God's love for us?
  3. How does David model for us what it means to be a person "after God's own heart"; especially in the face of the sin and spiritual shortcomings he manifested in his life?
  4. If you find yourself struggling with things from your past that you have confessed to the Lord, what can you draw from David's testimony that might help you seek the Lord with all your heart?

Week Six Study

Watch: Session 6 video

Read: The Longing In Me Study Guide, pages 107-121

Suggested: Read this week's Blog

Optional: The Longing In Me (Book), Chapter 10 (pages 155-171)

Next Week

Wrap-Up Week: All six sessions available for review or catch-up

Available Jul 28 - Aug 3

The Longing In Me

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